What Happened To Microsoft Hololens?

Remember the Microsoft Hololens? The stunning augmented reality devices seemed to defy reality on so many levels. I remember when Microsoft said the Hololens would be released “Within the Windows 10 timeframe” which of course did not happen. I suspect that the death of Mike Ey, the project manager of Hololens, in March slowed progress. I also assume the software still needed more time to mature before Microsoft released their device.

Well Microsoft has now broken the silence with the announcement of the Hololens dev kit which will sell at a pricey $3,000. A hefty price is fairly common for developer pre-release devices. Microsoft also finally releaseed the specs on their device. It is rocking an x86 processor along with 2GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. It also contains a custom made “Holographic Processing Unit” that will handle the sensor data.

I am excited to see that this project is still underway. So far the hardware doesn’t seem too expensive so we might see a fairly affordable price for the consumer edition that will probably come within the next few years.